Has Adoption Reunion Blown Up In Your Face?

I get it.

I’ve been through it, more than once.

Many situations in life have been challenging – even traumatic. But nothing compares to the pain of secondary rejection, or a blow up in reunion.

For sure, anyone’s reunion is a rollercoaster ride. But what do you do when it seems there is an irreparable falling out?

When I experienced secondary rejection in my twenties, I had almost none of the tools I had when I went through the biggest challenge of reunion in my forties. 

My new book release, Restored, chronicles the journey of my last struggle with my natural mother and how I not only survived but thrived.
Restored is about how you can be restored, even when a relationship with someone isn’t restored.

It can apply to any broken relationship -- and isn’t limited to adoption reunion.

Within the pages of Restored, readers will receive keys to moving forward when they lose a friend, a spouse, a child or any significant person in their life.

Restored doesn’t come from a high and mighty place, in the land of know-it-alls. It’s a guidebook from a friend and fellow traveler on a painful journey.

The first half of the book is the continuation of the story that began in my book, Worthy to Be Found. For readers who felt WTBF was a cliffhanger…it all comes to resolution in Restored. The second half of the book is how I navigated the journey to wholeness after my natural mom passed away.

I’ve been praying a lot about how Restored will be used to help people move forward. We never “get over” traumatic losses such as these. But we can move forward.

If you would like to travel along with me on your own journey to restoration, check out Restored. It launches November 2 on Amazon. It will be available on Kindle and paperback.