Adoption: Sealed Records is Abuse

Sealed records in adoption is abuse.

Keeping a person’s origin a secret when the information is known by someone – by anyone – is abuse.

I can hear the dissenters now...

“Well, what about in cases of abuse or neglect where it’s best that an adopted child not know their origins for their own safety?”

Then release the information to them when they are 18 years old.

No exceptions.

Relegating a human being to live without the knowledge of their origin is cruel.

The lack of this information has the potential to affect you in every way possible. It has physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual ramifications.

Why is this okay in our society? Even spiritualized?

Opponents of what I am saying will counter with, “Without sealed records in place an adoptee might be dead which is worse than abuse.”

It's vital to not only care about someone’s birth but their LIFE. And furthermore - no child, woman or man will die because a change is made, to abolish sealed records. But some will lose control, which is the crux of the matter.

Putting human beings through the physical and emotional anguish of sealed records especially when it is entirely unnecessary is torture.

Why are millions of adoptees turning to DNA companies for answers? They are desperate for the not-knowing to come to an end. They will do most anything to get it to end. They will spit in as many cups as necessary and make as many cold calls to strangers to ask questions and write as many letters and put advertisements out on Facebook begging for strangers' help to share...all in hopes that it will come to an end for them.  

Some can’t take it anymore and they do die…at their own hands.  That’s a FACT.  Did you know adoptees are four times more likely to attempt suicide than non-adoptees? If you’re not schooled about the fact that adoptees are well over-represented in mental health treatment, educate yourself. And so much of their anguish is the not-knowing of this critical information.

All of the pain is entirely unnecessary when those who hold the information could just tell them and end the struggle.

Who inflicts pain on people when there is absolutely no reason for it?

A sick person.
A sick society.
Sadly, in many cases a sick religious institution.

Many inflict this pain in the name of God. And Christians like me want to scream, "This is not my God! This is not the God that I know!"

There is no acceptable or wise reason for the truth of a person's origin to be withheld from them.  I dream of a time the world is void of this abuse. 

And yes, it is abuse. 

Please, call it what it is.