The following are resources I recommend for adoptees searching for understanding, and others who care about adoptees and want to know how they can help.

Articles & Blog Posts

Amanda's Adoption Thoughts
Amanda's Guide to Adoptee Rights
Dear Christian: It's Not the Same Adoption
Genetic Mirroring: The Missing Piece for Many Adoptees
Going Back So You Can Go Forward
Life Issues Facing Adult Adoptees
Life Long Issues In Adoption
Secondary Adoptee Rejection in Adoption Reunions
Setting the Record Straight: What Were Birth Mothers Promised?
Statistics on the Effects of Adoption
The Baby Scoop Era Research Initiative 


The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Newton Verrier
Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness by Betty Jean Lifton
Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience by Betty Jean Lifton


For the Life of Me

Adoptee Blogs

Declassified Adoptee (Adoptee Amanda writes with beautiful insight on what it's like to be adopted, and is truly making a difference in adoption rights and reform.)

Lost Daughters (A collaborative blog featuring lots of adult adoptee women who write powerful posts sharing their feelings about adoption as well as speaking out about reform.)

Adopted Me: My Life As a Late Discovery Adoptee (Jeff Hancock shares his experience of life as a late discovery adoptee.)

Between (Karen Pickell writes about adoption issues at this insightful blog.)

Life, Adopted (Julie, a 40-something copywriter, wife and mother of two writes heartfelt and inspiring posts about life as an adult adoptee.)

Insert Bad Movie Title Here (Jenn writes about her adoption and experience here.)

Sea Glass and Other Fragments (Rebecca shares insights about adoption, foster adoption, open adoption and family preservation.) 

Laura Dennis: The Adaptable (Adopted) Ex-Pat Mommy (Laura, author of Adopted Reality, shares here on her blog about the realities of life as an adoptee.)

Neither Here Nor There (Peach describes herself as an adult "adaptee" reunited with her family for two decades.)

No Apologies for Being Me (Baby Scoop Era adoptee Lynn Grubb shares her experiences of living as an adoptee.)

Reunion Eyes: Kathleen ~ Cathleen (Cathy Heslin's blog discusses her experience of being in reunion with her birth family for the last twenty-two years. It's about identity and the integration of her life with her birth mother's and the unique blended family that formed as a result.)

Family Ties (Susan, a 61 year old mother of two,  grandmother of six, and an adult adoptee advocating for her rights, shares her journey here.)

The Warrior Princess Diaries (Michelle is a recently reunited adult adoptee and a mother through birth and adoption. Born in the late 1960’s, she was adopted as an infant in what was then a typical closed adoption. She shares her side of the story, at her blog.)
First Mother Blogs/Support Groups

Musings of the Lame (Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy shares her poignant journey & tons of truth here.) 
Living Through Today (LisaAnne shares her journey of life as a birth mother.)
First Mother Forum (Blogs & Support Group) 
Sunflower Moms (Birth Mother Support Group) 

Help  for Those Conceived in Rape
C.A.R.E.S. (Conceived After Rape Empowerment and Support)

Sites Dedicated to Reform & Adoptee Rights

Adoptee Rights Coalition

Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change

Concerned United Birthparents

Amanda's Guide to Adoptee Rights (This explains adoptee rights clearly and concisely better than any site I've read. To receive more information from Amanda's extensive research, I encourage you to frequent her blog, The Declassified Adoptee.)

Sites That Provide Support to Partners of Adoptees

Partners of Adoptees (A place for partners (spouses or significant others) of adults who were adopted as children to support each other while we support our partners/spouses/significant others.)

Sites For Search Help

Priscilla Stone Sharp (Search Angel)
The ALMA Society