My Story

I am awestruck and humbled at the amount of people who read my entire story. 
I never imagined the kind of response that I received. 

As announced March 10, 2014 at this post, the story is now being published by Entourage Publishing and will soon be released as an e-book and in print. 

Because of that, I have had to take it down from the blog.

I am so thankful to God for what He has done, and thankful for all of you who read here. 

I am giving periodic updates on the Adoptee Restoration Facebook page, as well as at the Adoptee Restoration Newsletter, about the upcoming release. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, go to the box underneath my photo on the right hand side of this blog. I promise not to send you any junk to your inbox. Only extra special news, updates and exclusive posts.

After sharing my story, I wrote a subsequent series called, "Moving Forward." Links to that series are still below, here. We anticipate this being number two in a series of books, but have left these posts on the blog for now. 

Thank you so much for your support. It's because of all the people who read here and your love and encouragement, that a book is being published. 

Love you all,

 Moving Forward Post-Story Series...

Many people cried out for more when Day 14 came, and said, "You're not going to leave us hanging are you?" Day 14 brought it to present day at the time, but the story continued to unfold. 

The following posts explain how things unfolded, and will take you up to the present moment. They can be found below, in order. Or, they can also be found here at the link entitled, "Deanna Moving Forward." 

Post-Story Q & A - the questions people asked me privately during the after the story was written. I answered them all in this post.

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The Stubborn and The Strong

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Saying Goodbye

A Letter Received

The Final Moments

The Arrangements

The Lies We Believe About Time

The Final Goodbye

First Mothers Never Forget. Ever.

An Adoptee Living Through Not-Okay-Ness

This is What Adoptee Grief Looks Like

Fear Trumps Love Everytime...But It Doesn't Have To! 

You Didn't Fail Your Kids!

Why It's Helpful to Cry Alone

Tragic News for My Critics: My Therapist Said Goodbye

Does It Bring You Abundant Life?