February 24, 2013

When It's Hard to Breathe

There are six to seven million adult adoptees in America, alone. This doesn't count the many adoptees outside of the USA, many of whom greatly struggle with significant loss each day of their lives. Countless numbers are currently trying to find their original families through Facebook and other social media venues.  Unfortunately this is one of the things they have to resort to with the unjust laws that are in place in all but a few states. 

I am so grateful for everyone who reads here at Adoptee Restoration, and among the readers are my friends Steve & Indy Dixon. They are not adoptees. But they are listening. They are among my non-adoptee friends who "get it". They care and they want to help.  Steve & Indy are music pastors in New Bern, NC and also operate 120db productions. They have a desire to join with us in spreading the word about adoptee loss and pain and the need for change and reform. Recently they said, "Deanna we have this song that we wrote that we want to use to help bring awareness to adoption issues..." and so we have this collaboration between 120db and Adoptee Restoration!

This video features Steve and Indy’s original song, “Hard to Breathe” and many of the photos we have all seen on our Facebook newsfeeds of people searching for family members. I believe you will be very touched by the video. Many people have already told me were affected by it in a profound way. Please pass it on! It is our prayer that this YouTube video will help raise awareness.

Also, if you would like to download this amazing song, Hard to Breathe, for free so that you can listen to it anytime, anywhere-- just go here. 

I normally don’t post here on the weekends, but I’m making an exception for this. Hope you all are having a great day. I am praying for all of you, as always and hold you close in my heart. 

I love you all ~