January 22, 2015

Somebody Took a DNA Test...

Generations are affected by adoption.

Not just the adoptee.

Not just the natural mother.

All the generations to come are impacted.

A lot is said about the need for adoptees to be grateful.

I am so very grateful...

for a son who is willing to take a DNA test that will assist the search team in isolating matches.

Thank you, Jordan.

January 16, 2015

The Search for My Natural Father:
Taking the Long Way Home

“Is there anything new in the search for your natural father?” people often inquire. Or, they ask me why I haven’t written about it lately. The answer was that there hadn't been anything new for quite a while. But suddenly now...there is!

Photo Credit: Deanna Doss Shrodes
My search is freshly invigorated with hot new leads thanks to one of my sisters at Lost Daughters who has not only put her own investigative talents to use, but has introduced me to two individuals who have readily agreed to help. One specializes in working with surnames and the other is a professor and genealogist with expertise in DNA. I am totally amazed at connections they have already found.  I am thankful to also have the same three people who have been working on my search all along, and are still there for whatever is needed.

I accomplished the search for my natural mother alone, without knowing what I was doing at all until I got into it. The search for my natural father is much more complicated as it’s almost entirely DNA based. It's taking a village!