April 30, 2021

She is Not the Victor!


Today makes 10 days since the DNA test was sent in. It feels as slow as molasses.

This isn’t my first rodeo with waiting on a DNA test and one thing I have learned is that the only way to stay half way sane is by immersing myself in activity.

It’s difficult to not think about the results 24/7.

Lucky for me, I lead a pretty busy life all the time. There's always plenty of work beckoning me for my  job as well as things at home and school. We've been on a staycation this week but there has still been constant cooking, cleaning, and we've been doing some special projects.  Since I have five book reviews due in the next 10 days for school, I’m pretty immersed in that as well, When you’re in grad school it doesn’t matter what else is happening -- you just stick with it if you're going to finish. Over the last few years, even if it’s been my most hectic work week, or I've been on the road for work, or someone has died, or anything really – school work has to go on if I'm going to succeed with it.

Livvy has been with us this week and that has been good for me too. I’ve taken her swimming a few times, and we went putt putt golfing. It’s easy to get taken up with anything she’s involved in, as I treasure every moment with her.We went to a new Mediterranean restaurant in the area that was out of this world. She's an extremely picky eater and even she loved it. 


I’ve heard that Covid 19 has slowed down some of the results from getting in as fast with the various DNA companies but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.

If it’s a match, I have so many plans I don’t even know where to start first!! (Except screaming with glee.) I'm already planning a party, as well as a visit to Richmond.

April 21, 2021

I'm Afraid to Fall in Love


 My possible new Greek family member who for now here on the blog I will call Angela, has completed her DNA test and mailed it in. 

Angela has fallen in love with me as a possible family member. I feel a pull in the exact same direction but I am fearful. I am scared of my heart being broken and just as much, I don’t want to disappoint her. And then in the midst of all these feelings I stop to think, “Someone is this excited about ME???”  

The Greek Orthodox church is the center of this family’s life. It runs very deep and just how deep I cannot disclose here yet because it would give the identities away... 

April 18, 2021

Bio Father Search: The Cold Case Just Got Hot!


Mr. Spin has the beginnings of dementia. This explains the merry-go-round of a conversation we had earlier this week. 

How do I know this? I called one of his relatives that would be my cousin. (He has no bio children that we know of). I explained my situation and made a plea for her to help me by taking a DNA test to reveal whether I am part of their family or not. 

I hit the jackpot! She is nothing short of amazing!!  She was overjoyed to help me. Before I told her anything about me personally, she mentioned something about feeling like, "this is the Lord." I said, "Oh you're a Christian? Well, so am I..." and things just took off from there. When I say we hit it off I mean like…

April 16, 2021

Mr. Spin and the Search for my Biological Father


I haven’t written here in a while. There wasn’t a lot to report on my bio father search for a long span of time, and I wasn’t up to writing anything about adoption. When reading some other adoptee writers, I discover that many of them take  hiatuses from time to time for their well being. I totally understand and have been at this place for a while now.

There has been some progress on the search for my bio father. It is necessary for me to be careful how I write about it, as part of it is someone else’s story to tell, someone I have grown to care about very much. She is another adoptee who is also part of my maternal family. We are first cousins and we connected because we were a DNA match. (Thank God for DNA testing!)  We have been in contact for a few years now, but this coming month we will meet in person for the first time. I am so excited! I am not sure if she will be comfortable with me using her real name, so for now, here on the blog I'll call her Meg. 

Although Meg is part of my maternal family, her birth situation gives clues as to possible whereabouts of my bio mother and bio father in 1965, and friendships, connections, etc. that may identify who my bio father is. We have been pursuing those leads.   

The clues have brought us to a man I have been trying to reach who we believe may be my father...