Before you e-mail me, please read this.. Thank you. You are more amazing than sliced bread.

Can you help me find my family member?

I am not a search angel nor a professional searcher.  Connecting with a search angel is the best way to get search help. I recommend Priscilla Stone Sharp, a search angel, genealogist and adoptee rights advocate who leads the search angel network. She can put you in touch with a certified search angel, and she can be reached here. 

Can you advise me about DNA?

I am not a DNA expert. I have undergone DNA testing, but I am going through the process just as others are, for the first time. I do have several blog posts about my experience. Everything I know about DNA is written in those posts. If you have additional questions about DNA, I would recommend you go to Richard Hill’s website, or purchase his book. You may do so, here.

Do you do counseling? 

I am not a therapist, or licensed professional counselor. I am unable to provide counseling for those who read the blog. Many people ask me how to find a Christian therapist who truly understands adoptee issues. The way I found my therapist was to email therapists in the area with a brief email to inquire about a few things before setting an appointment. Keep going until you find a therapist who answers your inquiry in a way you are comfortable with.

Bonnie Martin, MEd, CACS, LCPC is a therapist we recently featured here on the blog and concerning finding a therapist, she gives the following advice in  this post: "I would advise a state licensed professional counselor who has studied complex trauma, psychodynamic theory, attachment focused therapy and/or complicated grief. Finding a good therapist is like finding a good pair of shoes. You may have to try a few on for size until you find the right fit."

Can you call me?

I am not able to schedule phone calls with blog readers. I have been contacted by many people who read a post that really speaks to them, and feel they need to have a phone conversation with me about what they are going through.  I do care deeply about every person who reads here. But with the demands of my schedule, I am simply unable to do phone calls. I thank you for your understanding. 

Can you Skype with me?

See above.  

Will you pray for me?

Absolutely. Send me a brief email with your request to adopteerestoration@gmail.com and you can be assured, I will add your request to my prayer list. 

I am looking for resources to help with_________. Can you help?

Before you email me about a resource or issue, please click my Resources page. Chances are I have already listed something there that speaks to your issue. Also, check out the “”Find it Here” at the bottom right hand corner of the blog with a long list of topics that may speak to your issue. It's a strong possibility that I’ve already written about it. Writing this blog and responding in the comments is THE main way I help people in the adoption community.  

Will you check out my blog?

Send me the link at adopteerestoration@gmail.com and  I will check it out as I have time. (Please don't message me every day, asking if I've read it yet. YES, there are people who actually do that! LOL)

Will you read my story and get back to me with feedback?

When I first began Adoptee Restoration I had a “Submit Your Story” page. I underestimated how many stories I would receive and how long they would be. As you can see, I’ve since taken the page down. I have more stories in the queue than I am able to keep up with. This is a good problem to have, but I have to be honest, I can’t keep up!  I handle everything for this site myself. I do not have an Adoptee Restoration personal assistant. 

I do know the importance of us sharing our stories. I encourage you to share your story! Start a blog. Get it out there! 

Can I write a guest post for Adoptee Restoration?
Guests posts at Adoptee Restoration are by people I have developed relationships within the adoption community and approach to write on a certain topic. From time to time I may use a post of someone I do not know if it fits the current needs of the blog. You are welcome to submit a guest post and I will review it and if interested in using it in the future I  contact you and let you know if and when it will be a fit. 

How do I contact you about a speaking engagement?

For all information concerning booking for your event, go here.

To contact me about adoption/adoptee related issues:

Please use the adopteerestoration@gmail.com address. 
I underestimated the volume of mail I would receive when I started this blog. I am not able to answer it all each day and most times not even each week. I do read every letter. I try my best to respond.  I care about everyone who reads here, and their situations, and want to reach out and help. At the same time, I do have a life outside the blog. I am in full time ministry, travel and speak and most importantly... I have a family.  My family is my first priority. 

Please understand that when I do respond to email, my response isn't like a blog post. Replies are short, as my time is limited.

I thank you so much for your understanding.

Blessings and love,