April 18, 2021

Bio Father Search: The Cold Case Just Got Hot!


Mr. Spin has the beginnings of dementia. This explains the merry-go-round of a conversation we had earlier this week. 

How do I know this? I called one of his relatives that would be my cousin. (He has no bio children that we know of). I explained my situation and made a plea for her to help me by taking a DNA test to reveal whether I am part of their family or not. 

I hit the jackpot! She is nothing short of amazing!!  She was overjoyed to help me. Before I told her anything about me personally, she mentioned something about feeling like, "this is the Lord." I said, "Oh you're a Christian? Well, so am I..." and things just took off from there. When I say we hit it off I mean like…

we already have plans to visit each other in person! 

She explained to me that although Mr. Spin has not been officially diagnosed with dementia, it is understood among the family that he has it. She had total compassion on my situation and welcomed me with open arms as a friend, and hopefully as family. As I sit here and update this blog at 11:00 PM, she is still texting me telling me how excited she is about this. It's so great to have someone actually EXCITED about DNA testing for me, wanting this to be a match.

So, moments after our initial phone conversation I ordered a DNA test through Amazon and she will have it Tuesday. 

I am pinching myself. 

If this is my paternal family, I already have at least one person who wants a relationship with me and has welcomed me with open arms.

We’ve  been sitting here on what has seemed like a dead end for a few years. Although it's seemed hopeless, Gayle Lechner and Regina Zimberlin have never given up and have worked the DNA, the trees and the circumstantial evidence relentlessly. Even when I felt overwhelmed like I couldn't go another step they kept working it. And now suddenly, there’s a breakthrough and a possible definitive answer. In a few weeks, I will know whether Mr. Spin and I are a match.

And now we wait.      

There is no suspense like waiting for a DNA test result. I hope I never have to know what it's like again after this.