June 21, 2022

Our God-Story



Everyone mentions how heartwarming mine and Gus’s story is. I have had requests for interviews. The first one was with the Orlando Voyager Magazine. They reached out for an interview just a few weeks into us meeting.

You can read the interview at this link. (Click Here!)

I’ve also done a podcast interview recently as well, with Living in the Light, with Dr. Kristi Lemley. She is a podcaster with the Charisma Podcast Network. You can listen to the episode at this link. (Click Here!)  

Our story is going around the world! And we're just getting started.

Gus and I have had several visits now and we talk all the time. I have friends who Facetime us and I am so grateful for it.

God has provided everything for us. We are living out a God-story and the best is yet to come!