May 30, 2022

I found my father!!!


I found my father! Yes! It’s true!

After searching for him for most of my life, and especially the last ten years, I found my father through a DNA match! It's OFFICIAL, there is NO DOUBT!

Imagine my surprise that my father, Gus, is ALIVE, and 92 years old, and still living in the place that he and my mother met!

We talked for the first time on Facetime a few days later, and we met in person on May 20. We spent five days together and this is just the first of many trips to see him. In between, we Facetime and talk on the phone.

He has fully accepted me, and I’m the happiest gal in the world!

 There’s so much to write, and so much to share but for now I’ll just say I’m on a cloud and may never come down. 

 The search is OVER. 

My father is ALIVE.  I can hear his voice, talk to him about everything and anything, and hug his neck!

This is quite literally the best news, ever.