May 15, 2013

Adoptees DO have power!
(The Choice of New Generation)

Yesterday I posted the graphic above, that was circulating on Facebook. An adoptee responded with, "How do I know this isn't how my story will end?"

My response was that we can make choices.
For starters, we can refuse to keep secrets or tell lies -- as far as it depends on us.

This changes it for the next generation!

My children's lives are different because I made a different choice.

When you make a choice to live differently, your story changes. 

As adoptees we hear a lot about nature and nurture, or nature vs. nurture. 
Is absolutely everything dependent upon either or both of these? NO!!!  

Thank heavens, or I'd be a flippin' WRECK.

At point point a while back I was having a lot of angst about the whole nature vs. nurture thing, crying out to God saying, "What of this? Nature has failed me. Nurture has failed me. So where does that leave me? I don't know what I'm a product of. At times, I feel like a freak who dropped out of the sky. So what do you have to say about this?"

God spoke a word into my spirit: "Deanna, you have the ability to make choices of your free will, and you have made some good ones that have contributed to who you are today. And, I am God Almighty. I am God all by Myself. Even the elements themselves have to bow to Me. There are no accidents. My ways are higher. I have the ability to operate outside of nature and nurture. I also have the ability to do a supernatural work in your life as you open the door for Me to, and you have."

Yes.We do have power.

Let's exercise it, so things don't have to be the same for the next generation.

As for my children, they will never know what it is to live with secrets and lies.

It's the choice of a new generation.