October 25, 2013

Adoptee Rights or Death? What Will Happen First?

Adoptee Restoration Tampa Bay support group meetings are like a monthly "homecoming" of sorts, at least  for me.  What a refuge to be in a room of people who totally understand. No explanations are needed, and yet we take time for anything anyone wants to explain, because we need to express ourselves.

Photo Credit: Roland, Flickr

Sheryl* is a newcomer to our AR Tampa family, her first time attending being last Saturday. She brought her search information with her so our search angel, Gayle, could assist her. Imagine my shock when she pulled out a spreadsheet that was at least 10-15 feet long, to share with the group! She has been working on her search for her original family, the majority of her life.

Through tears Sheryl said, “I am 66 years old. I am working as hard as I can on this search and have completed DNA testing. My question is, if I die before this search is complete…will someone keep working on it and finish it?”

Tears welled in my eyes as a flash of anger arose in my heart that any man or woman should even have to ask this question!

The reality is, adoptees are DYING without finding.

This past week was a huge victory for adoptee rights in Pennsylvania as HB162 passed the House unanimously and is now on to the Senate. We prayerfully await the vote. And, at the same time, only seven states have open records currently. Pennsylvania will make number eight, if the bill passes the Senate. We would then have 42 more states to go, while adoptees are perishing.

This is exactly what those who oppose adoptee rights are counting on – adoptees dying.   

Yes, they are WAITING FOR US TO DIE. 
This is not an exaggeration, not being dramatic. 

Karen Caffrey wrote this insightful post about organizations who oppose adoptee rights and are literally waiting for us to DIE and have said as much.

This grieves me and fires me up to pray for breakthrough. 

I know many who read here are not believers, in God or prayer. (That’s okay, I’m thankful you read here. You are dear to me, no matter your background or beliefs.) And for those who do believe in God and prayer, I know you will understand when I say that I am praying these strongholds be broken.

At it's core, the fight for adoptee rights it is a spiritual struggle.

Closed and sealed records are based on lies and secrecy – something God does not endorse.

I pray for Sheryl, and for all adoptees – for equal rights and open records, before it’s too late.

*Not her real name. All identifying details have been changed.