October 11, 2013

Born Into Lies, Choosing to Speak Truth...

Speaking truth to ourselves is important.

Adoptees start our very lives with an absence of truth.

Photo Credit: pittaya, Flickr
We come into the world shrouded in secrecy, and then the very first official document that marks our very existence is amended with lies. 

We are expected to  repeat those lies over and over throughout our lives.

A woman’s name is on our amended birth certificate that says she birthed us.

She didn't. Let's not confuse anyone with the facts.  

A man’s name listed that had absolutely nothing to do with our conception or birth. 

Sometimes the place of birth is a lie.

Sadly, on many adoptees' amended birth certificates, the birth date is also a lie! 

There are  countless adoptees who don't even know what their actual birthday is. 

The birth certificates are purposely altered, one reason being that it makes it harder for an adoptee to search, should they have the desire. Adoptive parents are given the option of making these types of changes and more to a birth certificate.

How can anyone, especially a Christian, believe this is ethical, moral or integral?

THIS was the first thing that occurred when we made our entrance into the world.
I’ve heard so many adoptees say, “I don’t even know the truth from lies. I’m so confused…”
That's just one reason why self talk is really important.
As for me I choose to speak truth and hear truth on a constant basis.
I do that in many different ways.
One way is to rehearse over and over again the truths of God’s Word and what it says about me.

I also make a practice of listening to songs that speak important truths to me and keep me on course. 

Equal rights are only reality for adoptees in seven states right now. In forty three states in our nation we are expected to be content with lies. 
I choose truth.

One of those truths is that God hates secrets and lies of every kind. 
Another truth is that He is for me. 
He truly cares about my best interest. 

If you are struggling today with knowing the truth from lies because of the confusing messages you have been given literally since the beginning of your life, I encourage you to listen to truth and speak it.
Here's a song to let soak into your spirit today...