March 10, 2014

Big Announcement Today at Adoptee Restoration!

I was going to build up to this all weekend on the Adoptee Restoration Facebook page, keep people in suspense and say, “I have a surprise to reveal Monday!” 

But……………..I know how many adoptees feel about surprises.

So I nixed that.

I’m just gonna tell you right now.

My story is being published in book form! 

Yep, a book is coming!

Scream NOW, all you people who have been relentlessly saying since June 2013, "This story needs to be a book!"

You said it. Over and over again.

And I said, “No, I’m not up to that right now.”

And I wasn’t.
For many reasons.

And I still haven’t felt “up to it,” if it means chasing it.

It took every speck of energy I had to heal since last February 28, 2013. 

And I know what it takes to write proposals and chase publishers, (been there, done that!) and I was not interested. 

I just wanted to write here and connect with whoever showed up. And the fact that you do is never lost on me, and always appreciated. You are better than sprinkles on a cupcake.

I never imagined how many people would connect with me here.

It’s crazy awesome.

So an amazing blessing is now before me.

Long story short, Entourage Publishing is going to be publishing the story! Plans are in the works to release the 14-day story as book one. Then, we're already talking about following up with book two…”what I’ve learned moving forward” and how the story has unfolded up til’ now.  The book(s) will be available as an e-book and in print.

Due to the fact that the story is going to be published in book form, it will have to be taken down from the blog. BUT…we are going to give it a few more days for anyone who is currently reading, to finish up. I’m giving fair warning. The issue for me is, most every day I get letters from at least one person who tells me they are reading the story. Typically the letters say something like this:

“Oh my God! I’m on day 10 of your story and I’m bawling my eyes out! And I feel like you’re my new best friend!”

Do I love that? 
It’s not only flattering, it often brings me to tears. Thank you.

It's really amazing for a girl who was once a big-nosed-cullotte-wearing-two-ponytails-on-either-the-side-of-the-head, unpopular-pushed-down-the-stairs-at-school girl, having all these people say, "Deanna!!! I'm your new BFF!!" Yeah, a lihhhhtle overwhelming!  And really, really cool.

You guys are better than riding my bike while listening to the Doobie Brothers.

I don’t want to cut off anyone in the middle of reading, although you know cliffhangers are not out of the question with me,  so I’m giving advance notice. You have a few days to finish up if you are in the middle of reading it. I’m giving notice that by this Thursday, March 13, the story will come down.

As I am faced with taking the story off the blog, I feel like I am letting go of a best friend. Putting it out there is the bravest thing I’ve done. The transparency caused more loss in my life, and even more gains – eventually. Sharing it was a watershed event in my life, opening up a whole new realm of freedom I had not known before. And now, temporarily…the story is going away.  The plethora of comments from readers are the hardest for me to take down but they will never be gone because I’m saving ALL of them.  They are an absolute treasure I will never, ever, part with.

All that will come down from the blog right now is the 14-day story. The “My Story” link will remain with an explanation, and all of the “Moving Forward” links will remain there, until they are turned into a book, and we will probably have to remove those too. (Dang!)

I realize this isn’t my normal blog post here at AR, but just wanted to take time to share the news with you guys, who have been the first to read my story, and the most incredible support network ever.    

Can I ask a three favors of you today?

Thanks! I knew you'd say yes!

1) Pray! (If you’re a praying person. If not, and you're one of the many atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Mormon, or whatever you are readers here, send me all your energy or whatever you send people. Carrabbas gift certificates will be fine too.) No seriously...pray that God will use the story to help a lot more people.

2) Pray (yeah, more prayer is always in style) as we settle on a title and a timeline. We weren’t going to announce anything until this was decided. However, I felt that it was important to give some warning that the story was coming down off the blog, hence today’s announcement. 

We’re looking for just the perfect title. Several ideas have emerged but the right one hasn’t come to us yet.  (We’re not calling it “My Story” or Deanna’s Story” although it is both.) Those of you who know the story well…let me know if you have ideas!  

I’m open to hear funny ones we’ll never use. Just for my own entertainment.

Surviving First Momma Trauma 

Leave them in the comments on this post, or send them to me at 

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Here's how you sign up:

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Thank you!

And one more thing…pray!

I love you all. <3