January 17, 2014

Sometimes, It's Not Adoption

I’ve been adopted longer than most anything else in my life, except breathing and peeing so it's tempting to make it my go-to thought when I face a challenge.

My prayer journal

For my spiritual, physical and emotional health, I've had to realize ~

Sometimes it’s marriage.
Sometimes it’s work.
Sometimes it’s parenting.
Sometime its people-drama.
Sometimes it’s lack of coffee.
Sometimes it’s lack of a day off.
Sometimes its lack of exercise.
Sometimes it’s sin.  
Sometimes it’s a lack of chocolate.
Sometimes it’s a lack of vitamins.
Sometimes it’s a lack of sex.
Sometime it’s lack of spiritual renewal.
Sometimes its spiritual warfare. 
Sometimes it’s my own lack of sense.

The list goes on and on, the root causes many.

Sometimes an issue has everything to do with something else, although I am an adoptee experiencing it.   I've addressed post-adoption issues in my life. At times there are other things begging to be addressed as well.

Whether I have victory in an area greatly depends on my determination to get to the root, and deal with it. For my sake, and the sake of others around me, it's my priority to be aware and take action -- no matter what the cause or the cost.