November 2, 2014

Exclusive News Coming!

Why exclusive? Well, it's just for those Adoptee Restoration readers who are signed up for the Adoptee Restoration newsletter. Yeeeeeeeeessss, I know some of you signed up for that six months ago. But, I never sent you anything. Sorry. I'm usually not such a slacker. I got a new job and it turned everything upside down in my life (in a good way) for a time. But I'm getting my balance now. And, a slew of newsletters are fixin' to come out yes, I do live in the south starting TOMORROW, Monday, November 3. That's right, I'm sending the first one out TOMORROW!!!!Squee! Shout now, somebody!

Launch day is coming for my book and I've got major news to share! The big day is coming and it's being released on Kindle AND paperback.

So, if you want to get in on the first newsletter with some very big announcements, exclusive only to those who subscribe (for FREE) then go here to this link, and sign up now.

If you sign up for the newsletter and you do not receive something in your email inbox by tomorrow night, you need to check your SPAM folder just to be sure it didn't go there. Just sayin'.

I'm so excited to share exclusive news with those of you who subscribe to the newsletter. And again, it's FREE!

Thanks for signing up and giving me one more way to communicate with those of you who read here. I am honored, and never take it lightly that you invest your time here. You are appreciated.

I love you all!

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