March 10, 2013

Big Announcement Today!

I don’t normally post here at AR on the weekends. But today is a super exciting day. This morning at Celebration we announced that Adoptee Restoration Tampa Bay is officially launching on Saturday, April 13!  This group will meet at the church, however you do not have to be a person of faith to attend. This group is for all adult adoptees.

I’ve had this in mind from the very beginning  of starting the blog and even included the link at the top to provide monthly information, but have been waiting for a few things to come together to get started. A few local readers have been emailing me saying, “When? When? When?”

It’s here!

I know, I know. All of you don’t live in Tampa. Or anywhere near. Most of you, in fact.  But here are three reasons you can be excited. 

1) Be happy for those of us who live in Tampa. It’s good to be happy for other people too. 

2) Tell your adoptee friends who live near Tampa, please!  This group will be a blessing to them, I promise. 

3) I’ve got more coming. And this is just one more step toward it. Lots of you are emailing me saying, “What about an Adoptee Restoration this or an Adoptee Restoration that???” I hear you. There’s a lot more that I have in mind. One step at a time. In addition to writing and connecting here at the blog I want to meet with folks in my local area in person. And I know more things will blossom from there!   

Now, I need your help. 

Have you attended an in-person search and support? 

Tell me.
Tell me everything.  
Tell me what I need to know.

If you went to an in-person support group for adoptees, what would be important to you?

 p.s. Just as a preview...I'm going to be blogging here this week about adoptees & marriage...making it work! <3 Don't miss it!