April 17, 2013

What About the Fact That It Was MY BIRTH Didn't They Understand?

The world does not revolve around me.
I know this.

My birth, on the other hand, does revolve around me. Or it should have.

It was MY birth.

Adoptees are the only people on the planet whose birth seems to revolve around others, not the actual person who is birthed.

Photo Credit: Jencu, Creative Commons

My birth was MY birth.
My original birth certificate was and is MY birth certificate.

I struggle to understand why anyone thinks my birth and the facts concerning it are about anything else than MY birth.

Silly people. 

I still don't have my original birth certificate. 
It's not legal.
How crazy is that? Nice going, state of Virginia!

As I was preparing this post, I thought about how I wish I had a picture to post of the day of my birth or even the weeks following my birth.

Since I'm an adoptee, I have none of those. 

Apparently in all that was going on  in the hospital that day and foster care in the days following, no one thought that I might want photos someday.

If they did think of it and took photos for identification purposes for my file, the photos are locked in storage at the Children's Home Society of Virginia in Richmond, and I am not allowed to have MY pictures. 

Of ME.

Of ME.  

Do they understand, I am talking about ME, not someone else???

Was anyone thinking of what I might want or what my feelings may be? 

Oh...I forgot. 

I was "a blank slate" who would "adapt just fine."