March 2, 2015

Are You Using Instant Therapy Spray?

While I was on vacation, I spotted this gag gift in a store and it brought a hearty chuckle.

As funny as it was to see this “instant therapy spray”, it reminded me of how many broken or even traumatized people think they can become whole without help.

Just like crash diets don’t work, neither does suppression, pasting on a smile, or living in denial.

“Stopping by to talk to the pastor” doesn’t work either.  I’ve been a minister for 28 years and although I have the utmost respect for pastors, they aren’t the same as therapists. Pastors give biblical counsel, not therapy – unless they are also licensed professional therapists. I know a few pastors who have that training and licensing, but most don’t.   

For all the memes on Facebook that say, “Sometimes all the therapy you need is talking to your best friend,” sometimes you do need more. If you are dealing with trauma, significant loss and grief, it helps tremendously to have a person trained in figuring out the solution to your emotional pain. 

 I have opened up completely to close friends over the years. And as insightful and intelligent and anointed as those friends are – not one of them had training in detachment issues or were able to recognize or help me with that.

I thank God every day that I found Melissa Richards and Restoration Counseling. I wouldn’t be at the place I’m at today without that help.

Instant therapy spray or the equivalent would have never sufficed.

Thank God for help.

*By the way, in addition to her Tampa office, Melissa has now opened a Miami office. If you are in the south Florida area and are interested in a therapist who understands and is trained in post-adoption issues, give Restoration Counseling a call. I receive no kick-back for this. I simply pass the info along because she really helped me and if you live in Tampa or Miami, maybe she can help you too.