November 10, 2018

A Face Like Mine

Today the first blood relative that I ever laid eyes on is getting married.

Going through my pregnancy with Dustin, delivering him and parenting him rocked my world. And not just in the way that it happens with most parents! When an adoptee has a kid, it’s indescribable how it affects you. With many adoptees it is the catalyst for their search. It definitely impacted me that way and in many more ways beyond that.

Looking into his little face, I realized it was the first time I had ever seen anyone who looked like me.

Genetic mirroring!

I wept and wept. 

My life was never the same.

I will never get tired of looking at that face. No matter how old he gets – no matter how many new seasons in life come for him or for me -- he will always have the distinction of being the first blood relative I ever looked at, held, and saw myself in.

Everything in life changed for the better when he was born.

 Today his Dad and I both have the honor of doing performing the wedding ceremony. 

I want all the happiness for him in the world, and I’m so glad he and Taylor have found it, together.