November 11, 2018

And I Think To Myself...What a Wonderful World

This photo by The Heims (Heim Photography)

The wedding is over, and it was absolutely beautiful. Our kids are married now and headed off to their honeymoon cruise.   

Last night I looked into that beautiful face of the first blood relative I ever laid eyes on, and danced to “What a Wonderful World.” He truly is the most amazing young man on the planet.  I am so happy that he and Taylor have one another to love for a lifetime.

I always dreamed of this…starting a family. Raising a family. Doing it the way I always imagined. Now they will start and raise a family of their own. 

Some dreams do come true even when other ones don’t.

You have to hold on to the ones that do.

Last week while I was at school, part of what we studied about was being fully present. I decided to do that on the wedding day. Once the wedding started, I left my phone in the car on purpose. When I got back to the car late at night there were a zillion messages. Even people asking me questions about the wedding day, or needing help with this or that. (For example, “Where should I park???") With my phone in the car, I was able to avoid distraction and just focus on Dustin and Taylor.

It was a great decision. I fully experienced the day.

My phone becomes my slave at times. I want to change that. 

I want to experience the wonders of the world unhindered.