November 4, 2018

What About Forever Don't You Understand?

Adoptive parents are famous for posting about their “”forever” families. I couldn’t agree more, it is forever. Which is why it irks me when someone asks, “Why do you call yourself an adoptee?” Or, “Why do you still consider yourself adopted? You were adopted. You are not adopted anymore.”

Ummmm…yes, I am.

It’s FOREVER, remember?

You get your “forever family” but you also deal with all the other aspects of adoption until you die and go into eternity.

I don’t understand why some people question why we refer to ourselves as adoptees. It’s the correct term for one who is adopted. Check it here, in the dictionary, folks.

I don’t understand why some people question why an adoptee would be wrestling with any aspect of being adopted, at any age.

It’s a process, and it’s forever.