November 5, 2018

Oh Christian have no idea!!!

Completing the assigned reading for my master’s degree has been such an interesting exercise. 

Me multi-tasking. Nails and school reading.

As I read what these Christian authors write, I consider how interesting it would be to have a conversation with them, relating their writings to the adoption experience. That is the lens I see through, so I can't help but correlate what they are sharing with my own journey. My intuition tells me that if I brought up how their writings impact the adoptee they’d say something like, “Well, I believe what I wrote, but I believe there are exceptions…adoption being one.” I know we’re not supposed to assume or presume, but I can’t imagine most Christian authors believing their writings also pertain to the typical situations we adoptees face. 

Take this quote from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (an amazing book!) by Peter Scazzero: 

“Family patterns from the past are played out in our present relationships without us necessarily being aware of it. Someone may look like an individual acting alone – but they are really players in a larger family system that may go back, as the Bible says, three to four generations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to erase the negative effects of our history. This family history lives inside all of us, especially in those who attempt to bury it. The price we pay for this flight is high. Only the truth sets us free.”[1]    

I believe this with all my being. If the author includes adoption and adoptees within this post, closed adoption and sealed records would not exist anymore in the world. 

[1] Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2006), 74.